Physical Therapy in West Allis

If you are looking to restore your well-being and quality of life, contact the physical therapists at Elevate Physical Therapy today. Our services are comprehensive, evidence-based, and restorative. Call us at (414) 502-8686 to request your consultation. You deserve it.


Are You in the Process of Recovering from an Injury? Maybe You Need Physiotherapy

Whether you currently live with chronic pain, or you are slowly recovering from an unexpected injury, the client-centered team within our facilities can help you. We know that every client has different needs and certain issues require specialized care. That’s why we offer a full suite of physiotherapy services that you’d be lucky to find under one roof.

Rather than face an issue head-on, we prefer to take a more holistic approach that improves not just your problem areas but your entire body, and even your mind.

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Let Us Be Your Pain Management Specialists

Every approach begins the same way at our facilities. At the outset, you can always expect:

  • A Subjective One-on-One Assessment
  • A Thorough Physical Examination
  • A Diagnosis
  • Suggestions for Treatment, Schedule Planning, Start Dates, and More

This might seem a little uniform for your tastes, but don’t worry, our treatments are custom-tailored to every client. The first consultation simply allows us to understand your situation as best as we can.

Professional Physical Therapy: We Help You so You Can Help Yourself

We are your guides to a world with fewer aches, fewer pains, and greater resiliency. But a guide is all we can be. With all the exercises, stretches, and evidence-based methods we show you, the hard work of training or recovery ultimately falls on your shoulders.

We’ll give you the tools for success, but eventually the time will come where you will have to wield those yourself. However, we are more than confident that you’re capable of overcoming your hurdles. We have faith in you.

Get Back on Your Feet with Sports Therapy

Our sports therapists have strong backgrounds and credentials from the field of orthopedics and have worked with professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Physical Therapy for Knees, Backs and More

Knees are susceptible to many injuries. Cartilage can get damaged, ligaments can be torn, and so on. Often the frequency of your troubles has as much to do with your knee itself as much as your daily activities.

With our help, we’ll diminish the frequency and pain of your knee issues.

The Physical Therapists with Flexible Scheduling Options for Treatment

Most of our clients have a lot on their plates, and you are probably no different. We understand that mid-day sessions are not feasible for most working people. That’s why we let you determine the schedule for your sessions with us. We have enough staff to make just about any arrangement work!

Return to Your True Form with Physiotherapy

If you are experiencing chronic pain or find yourself growing increasingly prone to minor sports-related injuries, maybe all you need is a little guidance. Let us be your guides. Call us at (414) 502-8686 today.