Total Motion Release

Total Motion Release (TMR) is an approach to therapy using a series of exercises to balance strength and range of motion. This systematic approach starts by finding the movement or position that consistently reproduces pain or shows a decrease in range of motion.

Then the large joints of the body are tested and the right and left sides are compared. You may discover that weakness does not comes from a strength deficit, but a balance discrepancy. If you realign the balance of the body, weakness instantly fixes. The results from Total Motion Release can be interesting and surprising to you. A sit-to-stand exercise can help correct an elbow issue, a trunk twist can increase shoulder range of motion.

Our physical therapists looks at the body as a whole, as we are made up of an interrelated group of muscles, joints and connective tissue that truly attach from our ear to our big toe. Looking locally at the point of pain may help, but the best way to correct a recent injury or a long time problem may be to eliminate the imbalances in the entire system.